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DIGITIME Research offers various research packages for our customers, including special reports and annual data services covering a variety of industries. Here is a collection of some free samples avaliable for download.

Tuesday 15 February 2022
China smartphone industry - 4Q 2021
China-based smartphone brands shipped a total of 195 million phones in fourth-quarter 2021 as they aggressively ramped up shipments in the traditional high season in an attempt to make their whole-year target.
Wednesday 26 January 2022
Taiwan notebooks - 4Q 2021
Taiwan's notebook shipments enjoyed better-than-expected growths in the fourth quarter of 2021, picking up over 10% sequentially, stronger than the 9% of the global average.
Wednesday 19 January 2022
Global smartphone industry 2021 review
Global smartphone shipments in the second half of 2021 did not see a growth momentum as in the first half and had experienced decline in both quarters of the period amid the resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic and rising concerns over a potential inflation.
Monday 10 January 2022
Global wafer foundry industry analysis and forecast, 2022
Digitimes Research believes 2021 were a fruitful year for the global foundry industry thanks to strong order momentum and is optimistic about its outlook going into 2022.
Thursday 28 October 2021
India EV industry
Aside from Europe, China and the US, Digitimes Research believes India's EV industry also has great development potential.
Thursday 7 October 2021
Global server shipment forecast, 2022 and beyond
Large datacenter demand will remain the main growth driver for server shipments 2021 through 2026. On top of that, 5G white-box telecom datacenter demand will also spur some growth. Along with IC and component supply gradually returning to normal levels, global server shipments are projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.9%.
Thursday 27 May 2021
Global tablet market – 1Q 2021
First-quarter 2021 global tablet shipments amounted to 35.96 million units, down 22.7% from a quarter ago but up 45.5% from a year ago.
Friday 21 May 2021
China smartphone AP shipments – 1Q 2021
First-quarter 2021 smartphone AP shipments to China-based vendors amounted to 212 million units, maintaining a similar level to the prior quarter and soaring 56.9% from a year ago.
Thursday 20 May 2021
China smartphone market and industry – 1Q 2021
First-quarter 2021 smartphone shipments to the China market amounted to 94.6 million units. The volume represented a growth of 9% quarter-over-quarter and an upsurge of 99.6% year-over-year due to a low base period in the corresponding period of 2020.
Wednesday 19 May 2021
Taiwan wafer foundry industry - 2Q21
Taiwan's top-3 wafer foundries saw their combined revenues rise 2.2% from a quarter ago to reach a new high in the first quarter of 2021.
Friday 7 May 2021
Taiwan notebooks – 1Q 2021
Global notebook shipments not including devices with detachable keyboards went down only 8.7% sequentially in the first quarter of 2021 as demand for education and gaming models remained robust and previously unfulfilled orders were delivered.
Wednesday 5 May 2021
Global server market – 1Q 2021
First-quarter 2021 global server shipments amounted to 3.78 million units, down only 1.6% quarter-over-quarter and up 5.2% year-over-year.