Chain Reaction co-develops with Taiwanese suppliers first fully homomorphic encryption chip for holy grail of cloud computing

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Alon Webman, co-founder and CEO (left) with Oren Yokev, co-founder and CTO of Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction, an Israel-based startup founded in 2019, is leveraging Taiwan's cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing capability to build a privacy processor chip using a privacy enhancing technology called Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) which transforms the public cloud into a trusted environment. This empowers use cases and workloads from big pharma, finance, aerospace, defense, and government where data needs to be securely and efficiently processed. This enablement solves the challenge commonly referred as the holy grail of cloud computing.

As more and more corporations transit into digitization and cloud expansion as a vital part of their business strategy, concerns over data security in the cloud have prevented companies from undergoing digital transformation. While encrypted data such as medical records, financial statements, manufacturing inferences, secret recipes, etc., are forbidden to be stored and analyzed in the cloud by current regulations, Chain Reaction's privacy processor will equip the cloud service providers to overcome the regulatory hurdles.

According to the company, the privacy processor chip built on the optimized architecture for FHE, is designed by their Israeli R&D team and will be manufactured in Taiwan. In addition to securing data processing in the cloud, the privacy processor also accelerates the encrypted computing with much better performance comparing to CPU and GPU chips currently available in the market.

Chain Reaction targets hyperscale cloud service business market such as Amazon AWS, Google GCP, and Microsoft Azure which are generally headquartered in the US.

For Taiwanese server suppliers, the chip opens up new business opportunities in the encrypted computing field. Based on a research survey, the market value of cloud computing is expected to reach over US$2 trillion in the coming years. Chain Reaction's solution is helping Taiwan's server suppliers to capitalize novel business opportunities as it offers optimal security and performance for applications ranging from server, AI, 5G network, IoT, and more.

Chain Reaction earns the 1st place in the semiconductor application and will present their innovation at TIE Awards in Taipei on October 12-14.

Chain Reaction's Privacy Processor for the Holy Grail of Cloud Computing

Chain Reaction's Privacy Processor for the Holy Grail of Cloud Computing