Sep 20, 12:14
With stock market listing in October, Coplus aims to become "Apple of car mods"
Coplus has long been known as the "Apple of automobile lighting mods" with its industry leading design and R&D capacities. With V2X connectivity on the rise, Coplus plans to build connectivity into its components in two to three years with AI wheel lights, electronic rear view mirrors, and AI shock absorbers. In addition, the company will leverage big data to improve its design and manufacturing processes, as well as help users monitor component usage. Coplus is the first company from the Taiwan Innovative Board (TIB) initiative to file for stock market listing in 2023, and is expected to be listed in mid-October.
According to Andrew Ho, general manager of Corning Display Technologies Taiwan, precision glass plays a crucial role in emerging display technologies. In his opinion, LCDs will continue to dominate the market thanks to mini LED technology. With OLEDs seeing cost improvements, and the rapid emergence of micro LEDs, these three technologies are expected to be at the forefront in the display market.
InnoCare Optoelectronics Corporation (InnoCare) is working to grow its automated X-ray inspection (AXI) business. This includes expanding outside of the healthcare industry and finding more applications for the components and modules it produces. InnoCare General Manager Eric Lee estimated that shipments of AXI will exceed ten units this year and double in 2024.
The sluggish sales of TVs and notebooks have prompted display driver IC (DDI) backend houses and related backend materials suppliers to be cautious about demand in the second half of this year while keeping their fingers crossed for demand recovery in 2024.
Taiwan-based display driver IC (DDI) suppliers are bracing for a lackluster third quarter, with many reporting August revenue that was roughly comparable to the previous month, according to industry sources.
Liquid crystal display (LCD) panel prices continued to rise in August, benefiting four major Taiwanese panel manufacturers' revenue growth. However, since the momentum of subsequent LCD panel price quotation hikes has slowed down, and demand is also seen weakening, the prices of LCD panels may slide again in Q4, and the utilization rate of the panel production lines in Q4 may be lower than in Q3.
Chinese TV makers like TCL and Hisense showcased several new ultra-large Micro LED and Mini LED TV products at IFA Berlin 2023. It appears that they are setting Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics as their benchmarks and intensifying their efforts to catch up.
Touch panel module specialists have seen customers delay shipments of their new products until the fourth quarter, signifying a particularly weak third quarter, according to industry sources.
After a rocky start that resulted in financial loss in the first quarter, Global Lighting Technologies (GLT), a leader in light guide plate technology (LGP), reported a turn-around in the second quarter. Chairman Lee Mang-Shiang expects similar performance in the third quarter as the second, and despite the low visibility, better revenue could be possible in the fourth quarter.
Panel makers, including suppliers of LCD and OLED applications, are aggressively pursing smart cockpit business opportunities.
US-based specialty glass supplier Corning reportedly plans to invest KRW 2 trillion (US$1.5 billion) to set up a bendable glass manufacturing plant in South Korea, targeting immense business opportunities from mobile phones, IT and automotive applications.