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In the heart of Taiwan's technology hub, our commitment is to deliver the most accurate news with precision. Our strength? Genuine, data-driven insights place you at the forefront of understanding. With us, gain unparalleled insights.
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Tech insights that matter
DIGITIMES has accumulated over 120,000 news stories since 2000, covering topics including semiconductors, ICT, EV, geopolitics, and more.
Expand your business with authentic data and professional insight.
In periods of both exciting and uncertain economic opportunities, organizations need insightful analysis and accurate data to execute meaningful strategies. From semiconductors to EVs, DIGITIMES thoroughly understands the production of components from their molecular structure to their shipping infrastructure. Our purpose is to deliver accurate, transparent, and systematic analysis through the lenses of our expert analysts.
DIGITIMES’ lauded semiconductor reports include a full breakdown of the latest semiconductor industry developments, acquired from the largest semiconductor manufacturers. We provide the most comprehensive guide to semiconductor fields, including foundry, OSAT and memory.
We provide quarterly and annual server shipment forecasts for the global and Taiwan markets. Discover the demand-driving primary players and technological trends, as well as partnerships between major server brands and Taiwanese makers.
Vehicle Tech
Get an inside look at the automotive industry's major players and supply chain strategies with our in-depth case studies, covering everything from HMI technology to global EV sales.
Discover the latest notebook shipment trends through clearly formatted data. Segmenting from ODM shipments to market share and including products from top NB manufacturers, DIGITIMES’ reports include shipments of components including displays, keyboards, base panels, RAM, hard disks, and others.
Asia Supply Chain
Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, we provide lightning-fast and accurate trend forecasts and insights into the rapidly growing Asian tech scene, including major players and rising unicorns, as well as the status of East, Southeast, and South Asian countries' IT industries, showing their latest development progress.
Smart Devices
Our reports offer in-depth analyses of the global and Chinese smartphone industries and markets, as well as the global tablet market. Our services encompass two areas: local demand in China and global smartphone shipments by Chinese brands to domestic and international markets.
Content Licensing Services
Empower your brand with our content licensing
  • Elevate your brand and attract attention.
  • Offer your clients deeper industry insights and the latest tech trends.
  • Leverage our extensive news for limitless marketing content.
Integrated Marketing Service
Amplify your B2B strategies to gain a competitive advantage in the tech industry
Amplify your business's reach and engage your target audience effectively with DIGITIMES' cutting-edge integrated multichannel marketing service. Our meticulous strategies deliver a seamless experience across your entire marketing campaign. Harness the expertise of our professionals to drive customer engagement, boost webinar attendance, maximize event impact, and generate high-quality sales leads. Reach new heights in your marketing endeavors with DIGITIMES.
  • Marketing messages can be delivered to target audience through videos, slides, chatroom interactions and online surveys.
  • Convenient attendance anywhere via desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones
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  • Helping international enterprises build localized websites
  • Task-based websites for short-term marketing projects
  • Dedicated websites for promotion of featured products
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