India's Coforge: a deep dive into their AI-first approach

Prasanth Aby Thomas, DIGITIMES, Bangalore 0

John Speight, EVP and Customer Success Officer, Coforge. Credit: Coforge

Indian digital services and solutions provider Coforge is set to embed generative and other AI forms into its core operations. The recent introduction of 'Coforge Quasar,' a generative AI platform, underscores the company's interest in advancing enterprise AI capabilities. Notably, Quasar boasts an impressive suite of over 100 pre-integrated APIs ready for deployment.

In a recent interview with DIGITIMES Asia, John Speight, EVP and customer success officer, alongside Deepak Bagchi, the head of AI at Coforge, shed light on the company's strategic direction in the promising AI landscape.

"The main point was about the impact of AI on our growth story, whether it's positive or disruptive," Speight explained. "We view all types of AI, including generative AI, as beneficial for Coforge. The application of AI depends on understanding the specific business domain and functional aspects. Coforge has always been focused on aligning technology capability with business problems. We see two main areas where AI can be applied: solutions for our customers and for our internal processes."

For instance, they've introduced generative AI-infused chatbots that can communicate in multiple languages. They are also assessing the risk of AI on their services and determining how to adapt and potentially innovate with AI. They are integrating AI into their service lines to boost productivity and offer improved solutions for their clients.

"In our DevSecOps, we've incorporated GitHub co-pilots as digital assistants for developers," Speight added. "We've also used AI in legacy modernization services, converting COBOL programming to languages like Python and Java. We're collaborating with major tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft to train our teams and leaders in AI applications."

Hyperscaler collaborations

Alongside their main focus, Coforge is collaborating with major hyperscalers like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, with the latter two being the most prominent. The company is also partnering with platforms such as ServiceNow and Salesforce.

"Our goal is to develop training programs for both our leadership and team members," Speight said. "The aim is to shift the mindset of seasoned professionals, encouraging them to embrace AI, understand its internal applications, drive change, and engage in meaningful discussions with customers."

When asked about their experience collaborating with major tech players like Microsoft, Speight said they haven't faced significant challenges. Despite these companies frequently competing in the same domain, Microsoft has never challenged their decisions. For instance, when they proposed integrating an open-source model into their Quasar initiative, Microsoft showed full support. The tech giant recognizes the vast market potential and emphasizes building a strong ecosystem. These hyperscalers urge them to craft solutions specifically for their platforms, and they have adeptly achieved this, notably with Microsoft and AWS.

Creating AI awareness among customers

One of the biggest concerns that Coforge addresses is helping customers understand if AI is the right tool for their requirements. Recent months have seen an overwhelming interest in AI, and many businesses feel left out if they are not using AI.

"We recently collaborated with a major retailer on this very issue," Speight said. "They had just formed an AI innovation team and were keen to explore AI's potential. Although we had a longstanding relationship with them, they were uncertain about how AI could benefit their business. Our approach began with three thought leadership workshops. The first introduced them to AI's potential within their domain."

The second workshop was more collaborative, aligning Coforge's vision with theirs. The third focused on outcomes, demonstrating the tangible benefits they could expect from AI.

"We emphasized that AI requires time to mature and deliver expected outcomes," Speight added. "We also introduced metrics to measure AI's performance. After these workshops, we conducted a pilot project on their live environment using their data. The pilot exceeded their expectations, and we're now scaling the solution across their operations."


Coforge's strategic integration of AI into its core operations showcases the company's forward-thinking approach in the digital services domain. Collaborations with major tech giants and hyperscalers, coupled with their commitment to AI awareness and training, position Coforge at the forefront of AI-driven enterprise solutions.

Through initiatives like 'Coforge Quasar' and partnerships with industry leaders, the company continues to explore and harness the transformative potential of artificial intelligence for both its clients and internal processes.